phantastische Geschichten & uralte Märchen


Fairytales for Managers

Management-Workshops by Xenia Busam

"Xenia helped us a lot to make our event successfull in creating a relaxed, but very intensive working atmosphere.

Great person, great voice, great concept!"

Jürgen Oefinger, Holger Kirchhoff (Hewlett Packard)

Do you know the fairy tale of „The Frog King”?

Do you know that the frog does not get a kiss but is thrown against the wall with full strength and great power?

And moreover, do you know why the frog is smacked against the wall?

Only because the king´s daughter finally realizes that she is obliged to protect her own boundaries!!!

„This disgusting creature shall not come into my bed – my bed is mine and only mine.”

During your career (professional life), how often have you had a desire to smack someone against the wall - be it client, customer, colleague, or employee – because he or she ignored your very own boundaries again and again, intruded into your very own sphere!

What a delightful happening to simply smack a slimy and disgusting SOMEBODY against the wall with all your strength!

What a force - what a flourish – what a noise – what a satisfaction!

BUT: You shall not do anything like that - most certainly not in real life!

How does it feel to take one´s own boundaries for granted? Actually, what possibilities are there to protect them?

In fairyland, all participants have a chance to just try and test how to enlarge their own range of action.

It is not only the topic of „boundaries“ – there are ever so many applications. For each fairytale has a theme of its own.

- customers relationsship -
- competition -
- mobbing -
- career -
- talking to colleagues and employees -
- teamwork -

Make use of my experience to give your event a practical input in a creative way: Give relief and relaxation to a tightly planned course.

In the mirror world of fairyland, you find the unique opportunity to look at your own world of work from different angles – to closely look at it without being bared: It is ONLY a fairytale.